· January, 2006

Stories about Ethiopia from January, 2006

Ethiopia: War against disinformation

30 January 2006

One Ethiopia writes on a complaint he made to The Manitoban about an article they published which he said had numerous errors on “its description of the protagonists and its reportage on the demographic characterstics of the country substantially in error.” they have yet to respond and he now publishes...

Ethiopia: Aid

30 January 2006

Redeem Ethiopia uses Ethiopian leader, Meles Zenawi as an example on the importance of aid to both the giver and the receiver…..The story underlines the notion that aid giving is as important to the international community as receiving it is to Meles. Aid provides the necessary leverage the west needs...

Ethiopia: winning athletes

30 January 2006

Ethioblog reports on the winning success of Ethiopian athletes…..”Ethiopians Dibaba, Defar race to impressive victories”

Ethiopia: Returnees v Diaspora

26 January 2006

Weichegud!ET discusses Ethiopian returnees versus those in the Diaspora in the context of Ethiopia's continuing political crisis.

Ethiopia: Khat arrests

26 January 2006

Ethioblog reports that an Ethiopian on trial in Iowa over the importation of khat was found not guilty. The debate around khat is that it contains some substances designated as illegal in the US.

Ethiopia: Expelled journalist

25 January 2006

Meskel Square points to a report by Reporters Without Borders on the British jounalist expelled from Ethiopia, Anthony Mitchell.

Ethiopia: bombs in Addis

24 January 2006

Ethiopundit reports on the two bomb blasts that went off in Addis Ababa on Sunday – both incidents included a hand grenade….As we have said before, for Ethiopia's rulers, Politics is a Continuation of War by other Means. The language that the government is most fluent and the debates it...

Ethiopia: Coffee documentary

23 January 2006

Friends of Ethiopia comments on a documentary film “Black Gold” which focuses on the plight of Ethiopian coffee growers and the huge difference between what is paid to the farmers and the profits of the distributors……”The film’s effectiveness is bolstered by juxtaposed scenes of fat and happy Americans and Europeans...

Ethiopia: Freedom and fear!

23 January 2006

Ethiopian Paradox writes it is impossible to improve the livelihood of people when they are deprived of freedom and continue to live in fear.….”It is impossible to achieve prosperity and development under a repressive rule. A repressive rule inhibits people of their energies. And in a country where people are...

From the Ethiopian blogosphere

21 January 2006

Political unrest returned to the streets of Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa this week. And, once again, the country's bloggers were on the frontline. Posts over the last few days focused on clashes between armed federal police and protesters during the annual celebrations of Timket – the ancient Ethiopian Orthodox Church's...

Ethiopia: thoughts on motherhood

20 January 2006

Weichegud! ET Politics comments on an interview she watched on US TV with actress Felicity Huffman who recently became a mother. Huffman through the spanner in the works by coming out and saying first she resents being asked if motherhood is the greatest thing that ever happened to her and...

Views from the Horn of Africa

  20 January 2006

The blogosphere in the Horn of Africa and Sudan has been awash with discussions spanning the realms of culture and politics. One common feature, which seems to have arisen amongst Ethiopian bloggers is their lack of sympathy for the ruling government of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Ethiopian Paradox, a thought...


19 January 2006

Addis Ababa Rocking Fun Zone decides to get serious and start reporting on politics and current affairs from Ethiopia. He has a rant against the US and concludes he will leave the politics to Meskel Square and others

Ethiopia: pro democracy movement

  18 January 2006

Friends of Ethiopia wonders if the coming visit by US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs to Ethiopia and Eritrea is bad news for the pro-democracy movement in Ethiopia…..”” Washington's leverage over Ethiopia is a promise to help Meles deal with a turbulent political situation at home and to...

Ethiopia: Search for a port

  18 January 2006

The Voice of Somaliland Diaspora-Ottawa writes about Ethiopia's search for a port in Somaliland and Djibouti...””Ethiopian officials want an alternative port because they don't want to be fully dependent on Djibouti,” says an expert in the forwarding business. “If Ethiopia could use other ports like Berbera and Port Sudan it...

Ethiopia: Western media reports

17 January 2006

Redeem Ethiopia comments on the content of Western media reports on Ethiopia - reports on cheetahs and reality TV rather than the political situation…. “We scroll through the news on Ethiopia and find it hard to believe that these are the news pieces American media feels are worthy of attention....

Ethiopia: Release of prisoners

17 January 2006

Nazret.com Ethio Blog reports on the release of 11,200 people arrested during the post-election political unrest in November. This follows a series of previous releases and the closure of Dedesa detention camp in December.

Ethiopia: Pan-African e-Network

16 January 2006

Friends of Ethiopia reports that Ethiopia is to become the first beneficary of India's “Pan-African e-Network Project – that aims at dispensing benefits of tele-education and tele-medicine to 53 countries of the African Union.”

Ethiopia: Emperor's cigarette case

13 January 2006

Meskel Square comments on the Emperor's cigarette case, a gift from some Belgians. The said cigarette case is now being auctioned by Christies of London – they are hoping to get £2000.

Ethiopia: letter to Ms Rice

12 January 2006

Weichegud! ET Politics writes an open letter to Condoleezza Rice asking her “What she can do about it” referring to the situation in Ethiopia today.