· September, 2010

Stories about Ethiopia from September, 2010

Ethiopia: The Ogadeni Problem

  24 September 2010

semantic Eritrea discusses Ethiopia's Ogadeni problem: “Back in 2007, Ogadeni rebels overpowered the defenses of a petrol company. This shocked the companies in the region and the Ethiopian government.”

Ethiopia: Ethiopia's rich history, legend and culture

  14 September 2010

Justin discusses Ethiopia's rich history and culture on travel blog:”One of the first places we went was to Addis Ababa University, the site where Haile Sellasie's former palace was located. We were able to go into his former bedroom and even his bathroom. Haile Sellasie was the former emperor of...

Africa: Africans Share Childhood Memories Online

  6 September 2010

That African Girl is a blog with a series of posts written by Africans around the world about their childhood. It is a blog about growing up in an African family and learning to live in two worlds.