· May, 2007

Stories about Ethiopia from May, 2007

Africa: blogging the G8 Summit

  31 May 2007

A team of African journalists, who are working with Panos London will blog from the G8 Summit in Germany: “For nine days starting on 1 June, journalists from Ethiopia, Uganda, Mozambique and South Africa will bring you stories and perspectives from Africa on HIV/AIDS and healthcare, international aid, debt relief...

Ethiopia: shady dealings of international media

“When news that three New York Times reporters were caught in Deghabur while they were trying to cover rebel activity in the region sipped through last week, American diplomats in Addis Ababa immediately contacted Ethiopian government officials, including the Prime Minister to demand their release. That triggered a chain of...

Somalia: protesting against illegal invasion

  12 May 2007

A YouTube video of Somali-American protest in Minnesota: “Somali-American protest in Minnesota What they called The illigal invasion of Ethiopian army in somalia with the support of George Bush's adminstration.”

Ethiopian bloggers pay tribute to jet crash reporter

  11 May 2007

Ethiopian bloggers have flooded the internet with tributes to Associated Press reporter Anthony Mitchell who was one of 114 people killed when Kenyan Airways flight KQ507 crashed in southern Cameroon early on Saturday May 5. Anthony worked as a journalist in Ethiopia for five years and led the reporting of violence that broke out after the country’s controversial national elections in May 2005.

Ethiopia: Paying tribute to Anthony Mitchell

  10 May 2007

Ethiopian Politics pays tribute to Anthony Mitchell: “Ethiopians have expressed their regard for one of the passengers on the Kenya Airways flight which crashed in Cameroon on Saturday. The passenger, Anthony Mitchell, aroused the ire of the Ethiopian authorities, but won the respect of many citizens of the Horn of...

Ethiopian blog blockage sparks free speech debate

  3 May 2007

Web watchdog the OpenNet Initiative this week confirmed that the Ethiopian government has been blocking scores of anti-government websites and millions of blogs hosted by Google’s Blogger service. Ethiopian bloggers responded to the news with a string of defiant posts, vowing to continue writing and beat the blockages.

ONI: Ethiopia blocks opposition sites and millions of blogs

  1 May 2007

According to The OpenNet Initiative, the Ethiopian authorities are blocking access to oppositions websites and blogs hosted by Blogger. “Most of the sites that we found blocked were related to freedom of expression, human rights and political opposition,” OpenNet research director Robert Faris said to Reuters. “I think it's a...