· July, 2006

Stories about Guatemala from July, 2006

Guatemala: Migration Documentary

  24 July 2006

Patrick posts a clip from Luis Argueta's most recent documentary, “And There I Am Documenting Silent Voices,” which follows the stories of Guatemalans who emigrate to the U.S.

Guatemala: Returning Home Via the Web

  19 July 2006

Alfa notes that many Guatemalans living abroad use the internet (ES) to seek information about family members, recipes of favorite dishes, and photographs of their hometown. The post includes several websites catered to Guatemalans living abroad.

Guatemala: Reactions to Arrest Warrant for Ex-Dictator

  13 July 2006

Patrick has a good roundup of reaction to Spanish judge Santiago Pedraz's warrant for the arrest of Rios Montt based on charges of genocide while Montt was dictator of the country. Rob Mercatante points out that the news is “receiving very little attention from the media outside of Guatemala.” Otto...

Guatemala: Two Documentaries

  13 July 2006

Need a break from the sea of words online? Patrick at Guatemala Solidarity Network highlights an excerpt from the documentary, ‘Guatemala No Nos Tientes’ as well as a series of links to ‘Entremosle a Guate,’ a “fresh and interesting documentary series on the issues facing Guatemalans today.”

Barbados: PM backs Venezuela's UN bid

  11 July 2006

Linda Thompkins quotes a RadioJamaica.com report stating that Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur has decided to support Venezuela's campaign for the vacant UN Security Council Seat over Guatemala's. Among the reasons quoted: “He says it would be unethical for Barbados to side with a country that has fiercely opposed the...