· September, 2010

Stories about Guatemala from September, 2010

Guatemala: Tuk Tuk Taxis Revolt in Antigua

  24 September 2010

Photography blog Antigua Daily Photo shares images of a Tuk Tuk Taxi protest in Antigua: “It turns out, the tuk tuk taxi drivers were protesting the high number of traffic citations they are given by the Antigua Guatemala transit police. They felt they are being targeted unfairly by the transit...

Guatemala: The National Symbol of the Quetzal Bird

  13 September 2010

With the independence of Guatemala coming up on September 15, Guate360 [es] shares a picture of a Quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala. The blog post also explains that the bird symbolizes freedom, autonomy and independence; it is also the name of the currency in Guatemala.

Getting to Know the Global Voices Latin America Team

  8 September 2010

The Global Voices Latin America team of volunteer authors has grown over the past three years. During this transition and the presentation of a new Regional Editor, Silvia Viñas, let's take a look at the diverse community of committed bloggers from this region.

Guatemala: Syndicated Criminals Denounce Conditions Impeding Their Work

  1 September 2010

In Impacto Mediático, Mario Cordero reports [es] on syndicated criminals publicly denouncing that conditions in Guatemala are impeding the exercise of their work; they are also asking authorities to help protect their lives. Cordero writes about a particular case, where criminals were chased by a bus they had assaulted moments...