· September, 2007

Stories about Guatemala from September, 2007

World Reaction to the UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights

  24 September 2007

In every society in which they find themselves, the world's 370 million indigenous peoples are among the most vulnerable and marginalized. After over 22 years of negotiations and consultations, the United Nations approved the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples earlier this month, a broad, non-binding agreement articulating basic...

Guatemala: Views On Indigenous People

  21 September 2007

Much of Guatemalan population descends from indigenous origins, in whole or part. Only a small minority comes from a different racial origin. That's why the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People released on September 13 is so relevant for the country. However, of higher concern is the expressions and views of "indigenous" and racism from Guatemalan bloggers.

Guatemala: Cleaning Up After the Elections

  14 September 2007

Now that all that remains is the final run-off in Guatemala, Elecciones Guatemala [ES] is left wondering who will clean up all of the publicity materials left on trees, street posts and walls.

Guatemala: Bloggers Applaud and Participate in Peaceful Elections

  10 September 2007

Rains, violence, and chaos had been expected. Guatemalans were glad that the predictions were wrong. Democracy and a peaceful transition of power were the good news. A team of bloggers not only commented on elections, but also helped people with tips, details, images and updated information during the entire process, as well as encouraging voters to exercise their right.

Guatemala: Video Interviews

  9 September 2007

El Cachacero [ES] took to the streets of Guatemala City to interview citizens, candidates and their relatives. Videos are posted on the blog.

Guatemala: Round-up of Election Sites

  9 September 2007

Desde Guate [ES] lists and compares the different media sites for their coverage of the elections of Guatemala. The site also discusses the various Google search results for Guatemala and elections.

Guatemala: Up to the Minute Coverage

  9 September 2007

Elecciones 2007 en Radiopolis [ES] is providing up to the minute coverage of Sunday's Guatemalan elections, including news of tear gas dispersed at a voting location in Santa Cruz Naranjo.

Guatemala: Campaign Season in Full Swing

  3 September 2007

September is a gray and rainy month in Guatemala. It also marks the month when Independence Day celebrations take place around the country with parades and civic expressions. This year, the upcoming month is especially important because on September 9th, Guatemala will elect a new President, as well as other...