· August, 2008

Stories about Guatemala from August, 2008

Guatemala: Protection of La Danta

  28 August 2008

Many Guatemalans and foreign journalists are concerned about the plight of the region around La Danta, one of the world's largest pyramids. A group from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting recently visited Petén to document the environmental threats to the region. La Danta is also the name for the tapir, which also requires conservation attention.

Guatemala: Indigenous Expressions of Art

  11 August 2008

On International Day of the World's Indigenous People, there is a celebration of indigenous peoples and how they express themsevles through the visual arts, theater and clothing. These are only some of the examples of artistic creative expressions in Guatemala.

Guatemala: A Lack of Information About Petrocaribe Deal

  2 August 2008

When Guatemala signed the Petrocaribe agreement with Venezuela, many thought that it would mean lower fuel prices. However, the lack of information from the Guatemalan government about the details of the agreement and the destination of the saved money are something on the minds of many Guatemalan bloggers. They want to wait to provide judgment, but they want more information to do so.