· May, 2007

Stories about Guatemala from May, 2007

Guatemala: Asking About Guatemala

  29 May 2007

A poem called “Today, they me asked about you, Guatemala,” led Jorge Cabrera to reflect on the state of affairs in his native country [ES]. He writes, “Let's talk about the people, the news, and the insecurity that affects all of the people that make up what we call Guatemala....

Guatemala: Touristic Image from the Outside

  28 May 2007

Voces de Guatemala [ES] recalls the debate regarding the new logo and slogan promoting tourism in Guatemala. Roberto Lone recently picked up a brochure in a consulate in the United States and wondered how his country is still being seen from the outside. One commenter was adamant that the brochure...

Guatemala: Insight into Polls

  23 May 2007

Luis Figueroa of Carpe Diem [ES] notices the decline in polls for Alvaro Colom, who has participated in the past three elections. Also of note, is that Nobel Prize winner, Rigoberta Menchú, has risen from 1.4% in January to 6.2% in May. He believes that her numbers could be higher...

Guatemala: Are You a Normal Citizen or Do You Still Think?

  14 May 2007

An email that is making its round in Guatemala gave Luis Figueroa something to think about. He writes in his blog Carpe Diem [ES] that this email encourages citizens to make changes through the payment of taxes. Wait a minute, he writes, maybe they should question how the government uses...

Americas: Happy Mother's Day!

  11 May 2007

Throughout the Americas, mothers everywhere are being celebrated and congratulated on their special day. Many bloggers are joining these well wishers, such as Isopixel [ES] in Mexico, the women bloggers at El Club de Lulu [ES] from Chile, and Guatemalan Luis Figueroa, who remembers his own mother, Nora on his...

Guatemala: Town's oldest school to be demolished…and teachers on strike

  8 May 2007

A local school in San Pedro La Laguna in Guatemala is about to be demolished, and in its place, a new market built. This brings about questions about the status and importance of public education in Guatemala. Bloggers discuss the government's proposal to distribute $100 computers, as well as proposed raises to teacher salaries in spite of their strikes.

Guatemala: Government to Implement New Adoption Regulations

  2 May 2007

Children adopted from Guatemala has become a common occurrence. Nearly 1 out of every 100 Guatemalan children is adopted by a family from the United States. About Guatemala writes about why this happens and what the government is doing to ensure best practices are followed.