· September, 2006

Stories about Guatemala from September, 2006

Central America: Indepedence Day

  18 September 2006

Tim Muth describes the festivities in El Salvador as Central Americans celebrated 185 years of independence from Spain. In Costa Rica, apparently it is Independence Eve when the real parties get started. Uri Ridelman links to a YouTube video of the Patriotica Costarricense: “one of the most important songs of...

Global Food Blog Report #32

  18 September 2006

#1: From Sri Lanka, Moju meditations on Hitler and Vegetarianism: "Hitler was a vegetarian" As you can see below from the quotes of Hitler…he was a vegetarian and a teetotaler! How is it possible that a vegetarian and a teetotaler could kill millions of people? The reason I ask is...

Guatemala: Palo Ensebado

  13 September 2006

Chapinadas explains the fascinating traditional dance of the Palo Ensebado in San Luis, Peten: “A week before this dance starts, five men go into the forrest to choose a suitable tree. Before the tree is cut, the priests offer their apologies and ask for permission from the valerio tree to...