· January, 2009

Stories about Guatemala from January, 2009

Guatemala: Experiences in Birdwatching

  26 January 2009

Guatemala is a major destination for birdwatchers from around the world. The number of species of birds in the country's diverse habitats is more than 700. Many of these birdwatchers are writing about their experiences in blogs, while others are worried about the bird habitats due to environmental destruction.

Guatemala: Powerful Images of War Victims Leave Some Uncomfortable

  11 January 2009

Capturing images on film is one way to ensure that the collective memory does not forget about a country's history. When that country's history includes grusome events, those images can become powerful, yet uncomfortable reminders of the past. In Guatemala, a couple of photographers have become involved in documenting and representing images from the armed conflict that took place for 36 years.

Guatemala: A New Way to Prevent Car Thefts?

  7 January 2009

Car thefts have increased in Guatemala and now stands at a rate of 35 per day. Luis Figueroa of Carpe Diem [es] snaps a photo and wonders whether it is the new strategy to prevent the crime.