· March, 2008

Stories about Guatemala from March, 2008

Guatemala: Public Support for the Death Penalty

  18 March 2008

Public support for the death penatly in Guatemala is high, especially in light of the high crime rates and the lack of security across the country. Bloggers are divided on the issue saying that the law should be enforced, while others see it as a contradiction and that it has not lowered crime rates.

Guatemala: The Switch to Ethanol

  5 March 2008

Luis Figueroa of Carpe Diem [es] is pleased that the Guatemalan government halted the “Ethanol Law,” and that any switch to this alternative fuel should be voluntary, instead of forced.

Guatemala: Important Authors 1980-2000

  5 March 2008

Ronald Flores takes exception of a Guatemalan newspaper columnist's claim that there have not been any recent authors of importance. Flores provides examples of authors that he considers to be worthy of attention.

Guatemala: Addressing the Energy Crisis

  4 March 2008

Guatemala is the midst of an energy crisis. Some non-governmental organizations are experimenting with alternative fuels, and the national authorities are relying on dam projects, which has caused resistance from the local populations. The government has even adjusted daylight savings time to save energy. However, no solution has yet to solve this problem and local bloggers add their thoughts.