· May, 2008

Stories about Guatemala from May, 2008

Guatemala: Animal Del Monte Festival in Xela

  30 May 2008

Quetzaltenango or "Xela" was the site of an international poetry festival called Animal del Monte, which brought 40 poets from around Latin America. A big part of the festival was reaching out to surrounding communities by holding readings to local residents. The festival also highlighted the work of Guatemalan poets, who demonstrated that many fine works come from that country.

Guatemala: Remembering Bishop Gerardi and His Report “Never Again!”

  6 May 2008

Ten years ago, Bishop Juan Gerardi released a report called “Guatemala, Never Again!,” which contained powerful testimonies of those forever affected by the armed conflict in Guatemala. The report provided graphic details and specific names of those who committed these crimes, and as a result, ultimately cost Bishop Gerardi his life. He was killed approximately 50 hours after the release of the report. A decade later, Guatemalan bloggers remember the man who brought much of what was happening in the war into the public consciousness.