· February, 2011

Stories about Guatemala from February, 2011

Guatemala: Threats Against Journalist Oscar de León

  17 February 2011

“Last week, the CPJ reported on a series of threats against Oscar de León, a television journalist with the Guatevisión TV network. The CPJ is calling on Guatemalan authorities to investigate the source of the threats and to take steps to protect De León,” Mike reports at Central American Politics.

Guatemala: Living Conditions in La Limonada

  12 February 2011

“Consider the comforts in your home. Carpet. Furniture. Microwaves. Insulation from the cold and heat. Water that won’t make you and your family sick. Privacy. Now imaging your life without these things. For some it seems impossible. This is how people live every single day in La Limonada,” concludes Kerry...

Blogger asks: “Could instability spread to Latin America?”

  1 February 2011

Considering the recent and ongoing events in Tunisia and Egypt, Bloggings by boz asks: “If it is a crisis year, what would it mean for Latin America?”. Boz goes over several points to answer this question and opens up a thread to discuss Latin American stability with readers.