· June, 2009

Stories about Guatemala from June, 2009

Guatemala: The Mayan City of Nakum

  16 June 2009

Located in the Petén department of Guatemala, the Mayan city of Nakum is a little-known archaeological site not visited very often by tourists. El Blog de Rudel [es] writes that it is well worth the effort and “to reach it is an authentic adventure.”

Latin America: The Problem of Child Labor – Part I

  10 June 2009

Child labor is a sad reality in Latin America, and often many residents throughout the region become so used to seeing working children that they don't even realize it. Awareness campaigns and other steps are being taken to change all of this. In observance of the World Day Against Child Labor 2009, which will be held on June 12, members of the Global Voices Latin American team helped to find related blog posts and links about this issue in their own countries for part one in this two part series

Americas: Looking Forward to Central America Free Software Festival

  9 June 2009

The Central American Free Software Festival will take place on June 17-21 in Estelí, Nicaragua. This will be the first opportunity for many enthusiasts of open-source and free software from across Central America to come together to share experiences, promote their projects, establish common objectives, and to find ways to work together. The schedule of events include workshops, panels, and a “rapid-development” tournament for the creation of an application.

Guatemala: Technology and Web Topics in 120 Second Videocast

  8 June 2009

120 Segundos is one of the newest projects by the Maestros del Web community. The name for the community comes from a literal Spanish translation to the term Webmaster and consists of a technology, programming and design related website as well as one of the most active Spanish speaking forums. A year ago they started producing video content for the web, condensating online content to make 120 second information pods in Spanish.

Guatemala: The Murder of Father Rosebaugh in the Ixcán

  3 June 2009

One week after the murder of Rodrigo Rosemberg and the infamous video, another violent murder took place in the Ixcán region of Guatemala. Armed men intercepted the car carrying 5 missionaries. Shots rang out and a Roman Catholic priest from the United States, the Rev. Lawrence Rosebaugh was killed. The incident brought an end to the life of a man best remembered as a champion of non-violence and peace during his years serving in Latin America, and brought focus on the historical and present state of the region where he last served.