· March, 2009

Stories about Guatemala from March, 2009

Guatemala: Chico Zapote Fruit

  31 March 2009

The chico zapote, or also known as the sapodilla, is an exotic tropical fruit found in Guatemala and Rudy Girón of Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo publishes a close-up photograph that he took.

Guatemala: A Violin in Silence After Murder of Youth

  19 March 2009

The latest victims to violence in Guatemala are a young violinist, Hans Castro and his two companions Andrea Robledo and Edwin Urrea. The murders took place in the outskirts of Guatemala City and bloggers are mourning the loss of Castro, who was a member of the Guatemalan Symphonic Orchestra Conservatory.

Guatemala: Opposition to Mining Operations

  15 March 2009

A recent BBC story reported on skin infections showing up in several indigenous communities in Guatemala. Many from the community and other activists are placing blame on an open-pit mining company for the health problems. These new findings are the latest in a series of arguments about the negative effects of mining. Bloggers have joined the online debate that say that mining is damaging and dangerous for local communities and the environment.

Guatemala: Will the New Anti-Smoking Law be Enforced?

  9 March 2009

Claudia Navas of Ordinaria Locura [es] is pleased that the new anti-smoking law is now in effect in Guatemala, but lists some of the arguments by some why it won't be effective such as that no one will follow the law and that the police and other public officials will...