· October, 2005

Stories about Guatemala from October, 2005

Guatemala: Survivor Guatemala after Stan

  17 October 2005

Rob Mercatante and company get CBS to shape up their “Guatemala Relief” web page. Chapinadas weighs the pros and cons of Survivor's impact on Guatemala and all about E explains why she's no longer watching the show.

Hurricane Stan Update from Oscar Mota

  11 October 2005

I just got done instant messaging with Oscar Mota who has been covering hurricane Stan's destruction on Guatemala at DesdeGuate.com from his home in Guatemala City. What follows are translated excerpts from our conversation: OM: I haven't personally been affected, but already there are millions out there who are …...

Flooding Throughout Central America

  9 October 2005

A week's worth of rain caused by hurricane Stan has caused massive flooding in Guatemala and throughout Central America. Death toll estimates are already at a conservative 1,400 in Guatemala alone, higher than that of hurricane Katrina just a few weeks ago. Last wednesday, Oscar of Guate 360 wrote: The...