· August, 2007

Stories about Guatemala from August, 2007

Guatemala: Children Caught in the Middle of Adoption Debate

  21 August 2007

Guatemala has been considered a country, where children are adopted "relatively easy." As a result, the Central American nation has the highest per-capita adoption rate in the world. The Guatemalan Congress recently ratified the Hague Convention, which will place stricter controls on the adoption process. However, a case of involving an adoption house in Antigua has reignited the debate regarding the fate of children in the country. National bloggers and foreigners, who have experience with adoptions weigh in on the matter.

Guatemala: The Role of the Transit Police

13 August 2007

Luis Figueroa of Carpe Diem [ES] thinks that the Municipal Transit Police in Guatemala spends too much time chasing after street fruit vendors and not regulating real dangers like overstuffed trucks.