· December, 2007

Stories about Guatemala from December, 2007

Guatemala: The Media's Shortcomings

  27 December 2007

Criticisms against the mainstream media in Guatemala has focused on its lack of coverage of rural areas, and its emphasis placed on countries like Venezuela. Bloggers have also noted double standards in its coverage of politicians. In addition, the use of new tools like blogs on the newspaper's site leaves a lot to be desired.

Guatemala: The Tradition of Burning the Devil

  14 December 2007

Every year in December, Guatemala prepares for the holiday season by putting up lights throughout the city. Another tradition during this month involves the burning trash and unwanted items, which symbolizes the devil and other unwanted spirits in one's life. It has also made way for a new drink, which is best consumed quickly.

Guatemala: La Quema del Diablo

  10 December 2007

A tradition in Guatemala called “la Quema del Diablo” (or Burning the Devil) involves taking out one's trash to be burned and which symbolizes the burning of evil spirits as a way of purification. Oscar Mota of Desde Guate [es] does not believe in the tradition, especially for the contamination...

Guatemala: A Tasteless Advertising Campaign

  3 December 2007

A series of advertisements from a Guatemalan shoe company that depicted dead women wearing the fashionable shoes caused an uproar. In a country, where the murder of women happens at an alarming rate, these ads were especially deemed to be in poor taste. Guatemalan bloggers protest and announce boycotts of the shoe company.