· November, 2007

Stories about Guatemala from November, 2007

Guatemala: Local Self-Determination on Mining Lands

  15 November 2007

The mining industry has increased in importance in Guatemala, where given the market prices of some metals and minerals, the lands that many communities are situated are in high demand. Often these communities, especially indigenous peoples, demand a say in how their lands are used. The questions that bloggers have been asking are where is the development and what will happen when these companies leave

Guatemala: Elimination of Fuel Tax

  15 November 2007

Luis Figueroa of Carpe Diem [es] thinks president-elect Alvaro Colom's proposal to eliminate taxes on fuels is an excellent idea and will help Guatemalans, especially if it is coupled with a review of governmental expenses.

Guatemala: The Challenges for the Next President

  6 November 2007

Guatemala participated in a run-off election where Alvaro Colom was declared the victor. Now that the results are almost completely tabulated, the new president faces the same problems as his predecessor: drug trafficking, organized crime, corruption and the list goes on. Bloggers in Guatemala have their own hopes for the country and addresses the new president with their own wish list.

Guatemala: Pseudo-Podcast 1

  1 November 2007

Desde Guate [ES] writes, “early in the morning I asked via Twitter if anyone was connected…seeing the response of some, I invited them to record via Skype, and there the first Pseudo Podcast of Chapin (Guatemalan) bloggers was born”