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Stories about China from December, 2005

Chinese Blogosphere:Year in Review

31 December 2005

The development of blog in 2005 is fast and influential. Compared with early years when blog was first introduced, 2005 is the booming year of Chinese Blogosphere in terms of the number of blogs, quality of posting and recognition of blogging. From perspective of blog hosting service, all the BSPs...

China: Jailed Journalists

29 December 2005

the leaky pen writes about three journalists now languishing in Chinese jails: Singapore's Ching Cheong, researcher Zhao Yan of the New York Times and local reporter Shi Tao.

China: Bloggers Beware of WordPress China

26 December 2005

China bloggers have been sounding the alarm about wordpress.com.cn, a free WordPress blog hosting service in China. The service, which has no relationship to WordPress, deletes accounts without warning a short time after registration.

China: Scrubbed News Digest

23 December 2005

danwei prints a post by a publishing consultant in Shenzhen on Cankao Xiaoxi, a Chinese-language digest of articles from world press formerly restricted to the Communist party elite but now available to the public. “But there are three areas in which Cankao Xiaoxi takes liberties,” he writes. “It runs its...

China: Patients’ Fate

23 December 2005

In 2004, China's President Hu Jintao shook the hands of two AIDS patients in a hospital. The resulting exposure changed their lives, and not for the better. EastSouthWestNorth translates a story from China Youth Daily.

China: Anti-Virus Efforts

22 December 2005

Revere at Effect Measure praises China's cooperative transparency in sharing with the world its bird flu virus samples. “The Chinese also report they have begun their own clinical trials of an experimental H5N1 vaccine.”

China, Hong Kong: Banking Haven

21 December 2005

Sun Bin suggests that China ought to create a Caribbean-style banking and tax haven to add 0.1% to its GDP. He maps out some places in the Pearl River Delta a short trip from Hong Kong that Beijing could consider.

China: Beijing Needs a Giant Monster

20 December 2005

Imagethief observes sadly that Tokyo will always have its Godzilla and New York its King Kong, but Beijing can never be a great, world-class city until it is attacked by a giant monster.

China: Ransom Emails

20 December 2005

EastSouthWestNorth describes the investigation of two extortion notes emailed to leaders in the Ningbo City government. Curious about how Internet crime is handled in China? Click here.

China: Virtual Celebrity

19 December 2005

danwei wants to introduce you to eXinXin, a model for computer simulations and video games, who is supposedly China's first virtual celebrity. She's real, though, and has a blog (in ZH).

News From Chinese Blogosphere

18 December 2005

1 Buzzwords in 2005: As the end of year 2005 approaches, Baidu, the largest search engine in Chinese released its hottest words in (in ZH)Chinese internet; the top ten was as followed: “Mp3″(Baidu provided a controversial mp3 search and download service), “Super Girls“, “Fairy Tale”(a popular Chinese lovesong), QQ(instant message...

China: Dongzhou Crackdown

16 December 2005

The Paper Tiger wonders whether the violent crackdown on peasant protesters in Dongzhou represents a turning point for the Chinese government.

China: Experiencing Douban

16 December 2005

Sinosplice discovers Douban, a successful Chinese book-sharing site that now has an English (Flickr-like) beta. “The site allows you to share what books you are currently reading, what books you have read, and what books you’d like to read.”

China: Oil Company About-Face

16 December 2005

Talk Talk China goes after China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC, pronounced “see-nook”), which changed its “no-compete” promise to investors who bought shares in its New York and Hong Kong publicly listed subsidiary CNOOC Limited. The pledge was meant to assure investors that the state-owned parent wouldn't steal away the...

China, Hong Kong: Bridge and Ladder Blogs

  15 December 2005

EastSouthWestNorth talks about how a “ladder blog” had just helped a post climb over the Great Firewall of China: by translating into English a post in Chinese at a blocked Hong Kong blog, which was then retranslated into Chinese on a mainland China blog.

China: Consuming China

14 December 2005

danwei directs our attention to a recent survey showing how Chinese women may drive China's future luxury consumption.

China: Death in Jilin

14 December 2005

ulywang of Non-Violent Resistance discusses what he calls the eerie silence of domestic media on the suicide of Jilin's deputy mayor, after that town suffered a hideous chemical spill that made international news. He says: “The deeper, still evolving story behind it underscore the fact that the drama is far...

China: Summit Reaction

12 December 2005

Fons Tuinstra compares the GVO summit in London and the new media conference in Hong Kong.

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