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Stories about China from May, 2007

China: Xiamen Demonstration Against Chemical Project

  31 May 2007

Tomorrow there will be a demonstration in Xiamen against the construction of Chemical factory campus. Although the local government has already announced the deferral of the construction plan on may 30, the rally is to stop the plan all together. Details and discussions about the rally and construction plan can...

China: Lost in “preservation”

  31 May 2007

Wang Jun comments that media attention has succeed in preserving part of “old Beijing”, however, the old part might still get lost in actual preservation plan, as it allows rebuilding and radical renovation (zh).

China: Pork barrel politics

  31 May 2007

Will from imagethief discusses the delicate politics in the recent rise in pork price in China, the connection between epidemic, death sentence of the former commissioner of the State Food and Drug Administration, pork reserves, etc.

China: Entropia Universe

  31 May 2007

Peijin Chen from Shanghaiist reports that Entropia. Inc will soon enter China and create a cash-based virtual world, where millions of people can work, socialize, learn and fall in love, Sweden-based Entropia Universe announced Wednesday.

China: Internet Bookstore

  30 May 2007

Fangjun discussed about the competition of internet bookstore business in China (zh). Joyo and dangdang were competing the status of the biggest Chinese internet bookstore in the world. Recently Dangdang issued a statement and asked joyo not to lie again.

China: The importance of media dissent to “old Beijing”

  30 May 2007

Chris O'Brien from Beijing Newspeak blogs about the importance of media dissent to the redevelopment process of “old Beijing” by comparing the news reports of Dongsi Ba Tiao and Qianmen projects: media pressure has at least secured residents a better deal in terms of compensation.

China: GFW and Google

  29 May 2007

Zola claims that once he becomes more well off and famous, he will sue GFW and Google, the former blocks his blog from local access, the latter stops his adsense account without giving him any reason (zh).

China: Google China Stock Search

  29 May 2007

Google China announced on May 25 that they were adding a new stock search function to the search engine that provides a real-time information about the performance of that stock. –more from Peijin at Shanghaiist.

Hong Kong: Remixing Government Propaganda Song

  28 May 2007

Plastichk has remixed the Hong Kong government Propaganda Song (zh) for the 10 years anniversary of re-unification of Hong Kong to China. It is a mockery to the recent comments by Pro-China Party Chair, Ma Lik's comment on June 4. The two days hit rates from youtube is two times...

China: Student hits teacher video

  28 May 2007

Think Chinese high school students today are Party drones? Or unruly punks? How about their teachers? Cellphone footage of a student smacking a teacher hits the video sharing website circuit and the Chinese internet community hunts the boy and his home address down.

China: China Children's Times

  25 May 2007

Joel Martinsen from DANWEI translated a blog post by Tu Guowen about a Children newspaper, China Children's Times, published during China's Republican era.

China: Rural Migrant Children

  25 May 2007

Zuo Ai Chung quotes figure from Federation of Women association research that 5-10% of the rural migrant population in the urban area are children (around 750-2,000 millions) who follow their parent to work in towns and cities [zh].

China: Land Requisition in Hubei

  25 May 2007

Xueyong posts a protest letter against a forced land requisition in Hubei. The requisited area is 616.42 hectares, affecting 3,032 people. However, the compensation is just one eighth of the national requirement. (zh)

Syria: Lebanon is Boiling

Writing from Syria, Mustafa Hamido says: “Lebanon is boiling. It is the filed of all conflicts in the world. When US tried to prove its strength in the world after its clear defeat in Iraq went to Lebanon and has supported anti-Eastern powers which includes an important portion of Christian...

China: Comparative Studies

  24 May 2007

Quifeng from bullog writes about the arrogant nature of comparative studies in China [zh]. For example in observing India, researchers like to explain the superior of Chinese developmental path over India.

Taiwan and China: Chinese speech

  24 May 2007

ESWN translated a debate over a popular song called Chinese Speech by S.H.E. The song criticized by Liberty Times (pro-independent newspapers) for misleading and corrupting the next generation in Taiwan into thinking that they also use ‘Chinese speech.’

China: Splitting hairs over stem cells

  23 May 2007

Stem cell research—it's an old topic, but it's also a top topic, at least for today as two key Chinese public intellectuals—one a tv news personality and the other a crusader against intellectual fraud and traditional Chinese medicine—battle it out on their PhoenixTV blogs. It started with this post yesterday...

China: Internet Police Recruitment

  23 May 2007

Tufeiwan blogs a recruitment ads of 96 internet police in a county level town in Sichuan at a monthly payment of 1,300 yuan per month. Annual expense for internet police for the town would be 1,497,600. In China, there are 2,000 counties, the total expense for annual recruitment of internet...

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