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Stories about China from September, 2006

China: Killing chickens, not for bird flu

  29 September 2006

A corruption probe has led to the dismissal of Chen Liangyu, the highest-ranked Communist official in Shanghai and key member of former Chairman Jiang Zemin‘s Shanghai Gang, a rival faction to the current administration headed by Chairman Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao. Where the hundred million dollars has gone...

China: the reply of the spoofed poet

  29 September 2006

The poet Zhao Lihua has been spoofed by netizen in the past few weeks. Joel Martinsen from DAWEI summarizes the debate and translates the reply of the poet: Let's all write poetry!

China: harmonious society

  27 September 2006

Positive solutions writes on the social economic background for the Chinese government's propaganda of building a harmonious society.

China: internet mobs hunt Accord Girl

  27 September 2006

Jeremy Goldkorn in DANWEI blogs about a Accord Girl's video that enraged local netizens and resulted in another internet mobs hunt. The girl thinks that anyone who earns less than 3,000 yuan a month is a loser (i.e. most people in China).

China: Promiscuity crime

  27 September 2006

Li Yin-he blogs about various promiscuity crime cases in China (Part 1 and Part 2). She raises a simple question: if it is sex out of consent among adults, should they be punished? (zh)

China: education VS media

  27 September 2006

Zhao mu blogs about a debate between education department and media workers. On September 25, the spokes person of education department openly criticized that the Chinese media is ignorant. The response of course is “which is more ignorant? education department or media?” (zh)

Africa: new economic frontier for China and India

  27 September 2006

Africa is India's and China's new economic frontier, writes AfricaBeat: “In short, Africa could be for India and China what China and India have been the U.S. and Western Europe (and vice versa). South-South trade might one day be the engine that drives African development in the same way that...

Hong Kong: GP batteries sues labour groups

  27 September 2006

A citizen journalist report at interlocals.net on a transnational corporation's legal action against labour groups to stop them from exposing the heavy metal poisoning situation in their production line in China and Hong Kong.

China: spoofing Confucius

  27 September 2006

The new, standardized statue of Confucius was unveiled on September 23 by the China Confucius Institute. Here are some reactions from the blogsphere: Xiong pei-yun points out that the standarization is against Confucius teaching: 孔子教导艺术家,“知之为知之,不知为不知,是知也。”意思是,孔子长什么样,你知道就说知道,不知道就说不知道,搞标准要诚实。显然,这种看似为孔子脸上贴金、附带赠送个关二爷脸谱的做法,不过是冒充知道、以掺假“恶搞”孔子。 Confucius has taught the artists, “you know what you know, and you know what you...

China: civilised traveller

  27 September 2006

One man bandwidth blogs about the “civilised Chinese travellers” campaign initiated by Beijing authority.

China: The Unpublished FoxConn Story

  26 September 2006

ESWN translates a blog post by Southern Weekend reporter Fu Jianfeng about the FoxConn and the First Financial Daily's dispute. The story was banned in the newspapers and found its way in the internet.

China: a teacher put to jail

  26 September 2006

The story came from a reporter BBS and re-posted in zhao mu's blog. A teacher Qin Zhong-fei sent out a mobile message, a lyrics that criticized the corruption and land dispute in Peng Shui in Sichuan province. On 31 of August, he was caught by local police and put on...

China: Shanghai corruption scandal

  26 September 2006

The corruption scandal and removal of Shanghai's top leader, Chen Liangyu, have recieved much echoes from local web users and blogsphere. The China media project has translated some reactions from sina.com. Ai Wei Wei was glad that finally the central government took action against the corruption in Shanghai. Positive solution...

China: strike hard campaign

  25 September 2006

Monwong at interlocals.net has translated a blog post by Zan Ai Zong concerning the “strike-hard” campaign in China, the article explains how such campaign would easily lead to violation of human rights.

China: listen to the movie producer

  22 September 2006

The latest movie “The City of Golden Armor” directed by Zhang Yi-Mou was released on September 20, but reporters had not been invited to the movie preview. Buchimifan in Bullog quotes the movie producer Mr Zhang Wei Ping's advice to the reporters: “if you criticise our movies, we won't let...

China: 2nd Chinese blogger conference

  22 September 2006

The 2nd Chinese blogger conference is going to take place on October 28-29 in Hanzhou, China. The latest schedule, speakers and sessions is now online; here is the details about “How to become a Web Support/Sticker Sponsor”.

China: Cows, pigs and balls

  21 September 2006

Last week, two women at Bullog.cn—a blogger's portal unique in that it was set up by prominent bloggers themselves as opposed to a large media corporation—acted on dissatisfaction with what they saw as an old yellow guys club (the Chinese name is Bull Blog) and started their own blog, Cow...

China: wiki's definition of national security police

  21 September 2006

Zeng jinyan compares her experience in encountering with national security police with the definition in the Chinese wikipedia, they are very different. And she feels frustrated most of the Chinese people cannot access wikipedia to revise the definition. Zeng's experience is: they never show their identity card, they are beyond...

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