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Stories about China from November, 2005

China: Damage Control

29 November 2005

Imagethief, a blog written by a China-based public relations professional, discusses how the government could have better managed the aftermath of the Harbin benzene spill.

China: Nude Chat

29 November 2005

EastSouthWestNorth translates an interesting article on the legality of “nude chat” in China.

China: Water Crisis in Harbin

28 November 2005

Harbin, a city in northeast China, has been suspended from water supply for four days due to contamination over its water by spill from a local chemical factory after an explosion. During the period of shortage, which started from Nov 23 and ended yesterday, the water for both livelihood and...

China: Censorship Interviews

25 November 2005

EastSouthWestNorth describes and analyzes the experience of being interviewed by the Western media about censorship in China.

China: Sentenced Church Leader

23 November 2005

Chinese Christian Jidian has posts in English discussing the case of Cai Zhuohua, the leader of several Beijing area home Christian churches, who was arrested in 2004 and sentenced earlier this month. Some bloggers like Wang Yi, believe the case is a key one for freedom of worship in China.

China: Blogger Sneaks into Church to See Bush

22 November 2005

Chinese blogger-reporter Buzhesiliu snuck into a church (Chinese) to see U.S. President George W. Bush attend a service. EastSouthWestNorth has a translation of the report, while danwei puts the Bush service in context of the U.S. President's visit to China.

China, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Taiwan: Giant Partner

  21 November 2005

KTemoc Konsiders says that ex-PM Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia would be happy to know that China is now ASEAN's biggest export market and the putative leader of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum. At least the prospect of making money through trade with the U.S., he says, should prevent China...

China, Taiwan: Taiwanization of China

  21 November 2005

“It is already under way,” posits Madman of Chu in a post discussing the “coming Taiwanization of China.” Still, the rivalry continues. The leaky pen notes China's attempt to upstage Taiwan's Golden Horse film awards by having overseas Chinese stars attend its Golden Rooster award ceremony a day earlier.

News from Chinese Blogosphere

19 November 2005

1. Blog Auction:A T-shirt that was signed by participants of CnBloggerCon was auctioned on the official blog(in ZH). The revenue would contribute to two online charity projects: Simling Library and 1KG. Blggers can post on their blog then use trackback to offer price. The price rose from 20 to about...

Chile, China: Free Trade Agreement

  18 November 2005

The presidents of China and Chile have signed a free trade agreement. Gloria Delucchi writes in El Morrocotudo that she envisions that the region of Tarapacá will gain importance (ES) as unfinished goods are imported from China to be fully assembled and marketed for Chilean consumers.

China: Interpreting the Mascots

  18 November 2005

Mutant Frog Travelogue analyzes the symbolism behind China's recently unveiled five mascots for the Beijing Olympics. “China’s choice also says something about the degree to which its “peaceful rise” diplomacy has been incorporated in creative and non-traditional ways into popular culture. Whether one buys into the message or not, one...

WSIS: Defending Freedom of Speech in Tunisia

  17 November 2005

Despite the odds, we managed to pull off our “Expression Under Repression” seminar here at the World Summit For Internet and Society. This was largely thanks to the strong spine of our sponsors, the Dutch NGO Hivos, who fended off a phalanx of plainclothes police who tried to shut us...

China: More Self-Criticism

17 November 2005

On Anti's English Blog, a translation of an interview with liberal author Yu Shicun on his opposition to intellectuals. “There is no effective criticism among intellectuals, not to mention effective criticism to the society. The intellectuals lack the sense of self discipline and making contribution to the society. This has...

South Korea: Rude Westerner

16 November 2005

Jacob Jun-Gang Yoo describes witnessing a foreigner having a bad day in a Seoul McDonald's. “People are people, and when you visit their countries and act like an ass, you will be judged by the natives as a representative of that country.”

China: Bird Flu Coverage Debate

15 November 2005

Danwei and Bingfeng Teahouse engage in a back-and-forth over an editorial in Caijing (Finance) magazine criticizing the domestic Chinese media's hesitant coverage of bird flu. Imagethief and The Peking Duck share their thoughts on the topic as well.

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