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China's National Mahjong Team Loses To Japan

  18 July 2014

Mahjong, originated from China is considered a national game. The fact that China's national mahjony team lost the the fifth Open Mahjong Championship in France and finished in 37th place out of 51 teams came as a shock to the country. Worse, the individual title was claimed by a Japanese...

Chinese Activist Hu Jia Attacked

  17 July 2014

Prominent Chinese activists Hu Jia was attacked last night on July 16 in Beijing. He reported the incident in his Twitter: 今天7月16日,刚才20:12,我在北京市朝阳区草房地铁站东侧100米路北被若干便衣人员袭击受伤。他们随后驾车离去,我眼镜被打飞未能看清车号。此刻感到身体不适,靠在路边,准备报警。胡佳 #傅政华 #国保档案 pic.twitter.com/ztb1x0IzJk — Hu Jia 胡佳 (@hu_jia) July 16, 2014 Today (July 16), just now at 20:12, I was attacked by a number of plain clothes cops...

China: No More Cantonese Mother Tongue on Guangdong TV News

  14 July 2014

Despite the strong public sentiment against the language policy that marginalizes the Cantonese mother tongue in Guangdong province, Guangdong TV quietly replaced Cantonese news broadcast with Putonghua. How do people from Guangdong react to the change? See Charles Liu's translation from Nanfang.com.

Chinese Women Protest Against the World Cup

  12 July 2014

Offbeat China explained why women are so angry and how the World Cup has destroyed relationships in China. They are primarily pissed about two things: 1) their partners neglecting family responsibilities due to late-night game watching; 2) reckless gambling on games.

US and China's Strategic and Economic Dialogue

  10 July 2014

China File invited economist William Adams and Political Economy Professor from Peking University, Zha Daojiong, to comment on the upcoming high-level bilateral diplomatic exchange known as the Strategic and Economic Dialogue between the U.S. and China.

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