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Stories about China from April, 2007

Taiwan: Crazy for Matsu

  30 April 2007

(Photo is from Arkun's flicker photo album.) Just like what Backlight53 said: 這禮拜中台灣都在瘋一件事,那就是–大甲媽祖遶境。 this week, there is one thing people in central Taiwan are crazy for. That is Da-jia Matsu's inspection. Based on Mei-Rong Lin's research, Matsu is the deity most commonly worshipped by Taiwanese people. Matsu's birthday falls on...

China: Please, no more rural healthcare propaganda!

  30 April 2007

Chris O'Brien from Beijing Newspeak blogged about the editorial process of a Xinhua article about China rural healthcare system: it was immensely frustrating that the story had to go through four revisions before all of them (opinions) were included in the story.

China: Prison Break

  30 April 2007

Joel Martinsen from DANWEI has translated a BBS post, Musings on the Chinese version of Prison Break, which addressed the question: how would a Chinese Prison Break be adapted so that it would pass the TV censors?

China: Slogans with Chinese characteristics

  30 April 2007

Banyue from DANWEI blogged some outrageous Chinese slogans, such as: Popularize the first child, control the second child, exterminate the third child, Whoever does not follow family planning will have his household ruined and his family perish, and many others.

China: An Eye for an Eye

  30 April 2007

The dog abuse case in Nanjing has resulted in furious internet response and real life threat: “You burned that dog to death and therefore I want you ‘dead'!” ESWN translated a report by Wang Feng from Southern Metropolis Daily on the case.

China: culture certification system

  27 April 2007

Joel Martinsen from DANWEI has translated an interview with Liu Changquan of the Ministry of Culture's Cultural and Artistic Talent Center from Southern Weekly about the newly proposed certification system for entry to cultural sectors.

China: Dog Abuse Triggered Internet Debate

  27 April 2007

Josie Liu from China in Transition reported on a recent internet debate (17000 comments) about animal right VS human right. The discussion was triggered off by an incident of burning dogs in Nanjing city.

China: Seventeen Hates

  26 April 2007

Joel Martinsen from DANWEI has translated Liu Qi's article in Southern Weekly about seventeen practices that he hates most in China.

China: IPR is not a Real issue

  26 April 2007

Andrew has written a good analysis of the Intellectual Property Rights negotiation between U.S and China. The conflict is not so real as IP theft hurts Beijing's state-run media machine and control over internet media: Washington is pushing Beijing into reluctantly doing something it probably wanted to do anyway.

China: Not to Buy Apartment Campaign Ended

  26 April 2007

Zou Tao, a Shenzhen citizen who has launched the “Not to Buy Apartment Campaign”, has sold his property in Shenzhen, returned to his homeland in Hunan and become a peasant. Although many were looking forward for a relaunch of the campaign, Zhang hua however commented that such campaign wouldn't help...

China: Spiderman in Beijing Street?

  26 April 2007

Whether pirated copies of Spiderman III DVD are sold in Beijing Street or just empty boxes? Reuters and Sony have different versions of the story. So Chinese pirates have actually beaten anyone else in selling empty boxes claiming to be Spidey III, thus doing a masterful job of pranking foreign...

Japan: Update on the Kokaryo Case

  25 April 2007

Mutantfrog Travelogue has posted a detailed update on the Kokaryo Chinese students dormitory in Kyoto, the subject of a longtime battle between Taiwan/The Republic of China (ROC) and the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the longest running lawsuit in Japan. Mutantfrog reports that “While the outcome of the case...

China: the Dead Judge

25 April 2007

The Beijing News reported a mysterious dead of a Judge in police station, Pingle county of Guilin city. The news story was appeared in the internet, at the Rule of Law forum at Chinacourt.org, and picked up by traditional media – via ESWN.

China: Regulate Online Magazine?

  25 April 2007

Josie from China in Transition highlighted the report from China Business News that China’s administration of press and publication will require online magazines to obtain license from the government before publishing.

China: The Most “Second” Internet Company

  24 April 2007

Fang Jun from Mindmeter started the chain blogging on “the most ‘er’ (literally means ‘second’, extended meaning: ‘inferior’ and ‘er’) internet company” in China. His choice are: Sina (stops photo sharing), Focusmedia (too much ads), Google (failure in pinyin typing entry), Myspace China and Baidu Japan (zh). Wang Xiaofeng's choice...

China: Localization of Google Adsense

  24 April 2007

William Long comments on the localization of google adsense: Will the localization lead to the intervention of local governmental monitoring bodies? Especially from the revenue department? If the monitoring bodies intervene, can Google protect their customers’ privacy? (zh)

Asia: Asian VS. Western Media

  24 April 2007

Imagethief comments on an article at the Boao Forum for Asia, published in Xinhua. In the article, Liu Jiang, deputy editor-in-chief of Xinhua News Agency, commented that “Developed contrives, which have one seventh of the world population, have dominated two thirds of the total information flow”. Imagethief's insightful response is:...

China: How Sand Storm Makes a Difference

  24 April 2007

Michael, from the Opposite End of China blogs two pictures, one is before the sand storm, the second is taken after 11 minutes. The reader can see how sand storm makes a difference to the environment.

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