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Stories about China from January, 2007

Africa: women's rights, Africa and China

  31 January 2007

Sociolingo's Africa blog has a post about a new book by Fahamu on Women's rights, Africa and China, “The traditional perception of African women is that they face grinding poverty and harsh cultural, traditional and social prejudices. Yet while it is true that African women are not equal to men,...

China: Out of Libya

  31 January 2007

It‘s [zh] since been disabled, but there was one especially eye-catching post on Tianya, one of China's most widely-read bbs forum sites last month. ‘Save us!’ it read. ‘We've been stuck in Libya for over a year and we're about to go crazy here!’ Racist attitude, seen further down, might...

China: economic confidence

  31 January 2007

China Diligence has an article about certain landmarks / issues to look out for as China makes the transition from “from self-loathing acolyte to over-confident preacher.”

China: university hospital

  30 January 2007

Kaie blogs about his experience in Beijing University's hospital, in particular the distribution use of medicine, to discuss about the possible impact of “government leading” medical reform. He concludes: government leading = unequal distribution + quantity rather than quality in medical treatment (zh). In the comment section, some disagreed with...

China: more criticism on The City of Golden Armor

  29 January 2007

Sohoxiaobao has collected more criticism on the movie The city of Golden Armor. This time the criticism came directly from local film makers, some accused that the film was spreading “spiritual pollution” (zh). However, the movie has already made 23.72 million yuan (around US3 millions) in the ticket offices all...

China: myspace.cn

  29 January 2007

myspace.cn is now under construction, it belongs to a company called Mai Sibei (Putonghua pronunciation of Myspace). More information from DANWEI.

Africa: French Double-Standard Vis-a-Vis China

  29 January 2007

Says Generation Consciente (Fr): “I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry about the French giving ethics lectures to the Chinese presence in Africa, urging them to encourage democracy and peace, as France itself hasn't ceased doing so for a half century through coups, killings of nationalist leaders and...

China: year of the pig

  29 January 2007

The lunar new year of pig is approaching, Hayford at China History group blog writes about the meaning of pig in different cultures.

China: political reform

  26 January 2007

ESWN translates an interview with former People's Daily deputy editor-in-chief Zhou Ruijin published in Mingpao about the challenge for political and legal reform in China.

China: new Chinese movement

  26 January 2007

Joel Martinsen from DANWEI translated an interview at New Century Weekly with Tang Yi, an etymologist and world religions researcher, who argues that a “New Chinese Movement” is needed to return standards to the language.

China: Danwei and private life

  25 January 2007

Recently a policewoman in Xian was forced to resign because the police unit (Danwei) found out that she had practiced sexual partner exchange activities. Li Yin-he criticizes that Danwei shouldn't interfere into a person's private life (zh).

China: slogan banners

  25 January 2007

Joel Martinsen from DANWEI blogs about the political culture of slogan banners in China.

China: statement on banned book

  23 January 2007

ESWN translated Zhang Yihe's statement and position towards the list of 2006 banned books in China. “This book (Past Histories of Peking Opera Stars)is banned because of that person.” That person is Zhang Yi-he.

China: QQipTV

  23 January 2007

IFTF at Virtual China reports on the new move of internet T.V business in China: Tencent has partnered with Chinese electronics manufacturer TCL to develop an Internet-enabled, interactive TV with QQ-branded applications such as IM and games. It's called iTQQ.

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