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Bolivia: Bolivian Television's Watchdog

  27 March 2007

Blogs in Bolivia have yet to achieve the level of being a primary source of information to compete with other forms of communication. Television continues to dominate the manner in which citizens get their news and where they follow current events. A blog called La TeVelisión [ES], written by Rodrigo...

Bolivia: Taking the Coca out of Coca-Cola and Onto the Seal

  19 March 2007

Photo created by Andres Pucci and depicts a sample seal should it only contain symbols important to specific regions of Bolivia. Some weeks ago, some Bolivian bloggers became increasingly concerned whether the red, yellow and green of the Bolivian flag might be replaced with the rainbow-checkered flag called with the...

Bolivia: Who's to Blame for the Rains?

  13 March 2007

Blame it on El Niño or blame it on the West. Either way, much of the eastern part of Bolivia found itself drastically affected by heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding that left thousands displaced and caused millions of dollars of damage. Reaction or lack of reaction from the government was...

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