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Bolivia: The Changing Face of the Flag

  26 February 2007

Photo taken by Patricia Vargas Claudio and used with permission. National symbols played a role in the presidential elections of December 2005. Jorge “Tuto” Quiroga, the main rival to the eventual winner, Evo Morales, accused his opponent of wanting to change the traditional red, yellow, and green flag to something...

Bolivia: Rain, Rain, Go Away … At Least Before Carnaval Starts

  19 February 2007

Carnaval is in the air, as Bolivians enjoy a four-day weekend. Much of the nation’s focus is on the Carnaval of Oruro, perhaps the most well-known in the country and declared by UNESCO as Mankind's Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. During the anticipation of this festival...

Bolivia: When Nationalization is Not Enough

  14 February 2007

As the violent course of events calmed down in the city of Cochabamba, another conflict emerged in the city of Camiri, located in the southeastern part of Bolivia known as the Gran Chaco. The population was protesting that the hydrocarbons nationalization announced by President Evo Morales last May had not...

Bolivia: A Cement Obelisk and Frozen Water Balloons

  5 February 2007

Cities and towns were on the mind of a handful of Bolivian bloggers this week. In December of 2006, the city of Cochabamba rolled out the red carpet and played host to a summit for South American presidents. In honor of the occasion, some of the local lawmakers proposed to...

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