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Chile: Emapanadas of Con Cón

  17 January 2010

In Chile, Pancho Araya of Santiago en Picada [es] recommends the empanadas of Con Cón, which are filled with cheese and various fillings, including oysters.

Guatemala: The Jocote de Corona Fruit in Comapa

  11 January 2010

Professor Luis Ernesto Grijalva created a blog [es] to showcase the municipality of Comapa in the Guatemalan Orient. In this entry, he shares information about the “Jocote de Corona,” which is small fruit collected as winter arrives.

Featured Author: Hisham

  11 January 2010

As a practicing medical doctor based in France, “Hisham” (Hisham Khribchi) is a Global Voices author for Morocco. He is also one of the founding members of the site Talk Morocco.

Bolivia: Bicentennial Mural in La Paz

  6 January 2010

Blogsasa [es] writes about the unveiling of a mural in La Paz, Bolivia to commemorate the city's bicentennial. There are pictures of the mural that includes 187 historical figures represented, but there is some controversy about who was chosen to be included.

Costa Rica: Santa Lucía Wildflowers for Good Luck

  3 January 2010

In January, there is a tradition in Costa Rica where one gives wildflowers called Santa Lucía [es] to one another, which according to blogger Julia Ardón the flowers “will be the talisman that allows one to have good luck and prosperity throughout the year.”

Dominican Republic: Along the President's Caravan Route

  3 January 2010

Orlando Jorge Mera profiles the military assistants who provide security for the President of the Dominican Republic. One of the duties of these assistants is to remain along the route before, during, and after the presidential caravan passes by [es], which may take between 2-5 hours.

Guatemala: Best Athlete for 2009

  2 January 2010

Guatezona [es] runs down the nominations for the Best Guatemalan Athlete for 2009, and which includes competitors from sports such as cycling, taekwondo, as well as the popular sport of football.

Honduras: The Year 2009 in Review

  2 January 2010

The year 2009 was eventful for Honduras, and Aaron Ortiz of Pensieve looks back at the topics written on his blog over the past year including the political crisis, elections, and the country's qualification for the 2010 World Cup.

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