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Argentina: Protesting Demolishment of Hotels

  29 August 2007

Line of Sight looks in on a protest in the upscale neighborhood of Recoleta, where residents protested the demolishment of a hotel. The amateur protests did little to get others involved and many were there for the photo-ops.

El Salvador: Media Coverage of MS-13

  28 August 2007

Tim's El Salvador Blog responds to the assertion from a recent news program guest, who claimed that media coverage of the Mara Salvatrucha gang has helped drawn more attention and glamorized the gang to some youth.

Uruguay: Taxes on Churches

  27 August 2007

From Uruguay writes about the Brazilian Pentecostal churches and its practice of relocating to old theaters in Uruguay. There are additional questions regarding the church's tax exemption status.

Paraguay: The Soybean Wars

  27 August 2007

In conjunction with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, Charles Lane is in Paraguay blogging at The Soybean Wars about the “human, political, and environmental impact” of the soybean industry.

Argentina: Videos Por Vos

  23 August 2007

Mariano Amartino of Denken Über [ES] talks about the Argentine video sharing platform Videos Por Vos and its attempt to compete with YouTube.

Peru: Remembering Pisco

  23 August 2007

Alejandro García takes a break from discussing food on his blog Peru Food to remember the city of Pisco, which was recently destroyed in the August earthquake.

Bolivia: Following the Swiss Example

  21 August 2007

Carlos Gustavo Machicado of Guccio's [ES] comments on a recent speech by President Evo Morales, who stated his desire for Bolivia to follow the example set by Switzerland. Machiado writes, “The reactions have been favorable because it is good that we want to be like Switzerland, and not like Venezuela...

Peru: Collection of Goods in Lima

  20 August 2007

Juan Arellano of Globalizado [ES] took a stroll down to the Plaza de Armas in Lima and snapped these photos of Lima residents collecting goods for the earthquake victims.

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