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The Week that Was – Bolivian Blogs

  30 August 2006

Mundo Al Revés’ three hosts: Sebastian Molina, Carolina Bessolo, and Sergio Mier (Photo courtesy: M.A.R.) Blogs have taken off in the eastern city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia due to no small part to the efforts of the individuals behind the website Mundo Al Revés (Upside Down World). What started as...

The Week that Was – Bolivian Blogs

  23 August 2006

Emigration from Bolivia, especially to Western European countries, continues to be a topic of discussion in the Bolivian blogosphere. Two Bolivians, who currently reside in Europe, are dismayed over tighter restrictions on entry to these destination countries. Holland-based blogger, Alexey Rodriguez says that “Only eleven countries in the world will...

The Week that Was – Bolivian Blogs

  16 August 2006

Blogs can remind us about the plight of others. Since many Bolivian bloggers write from various locations around the world, they can also capture the experience of other Bolivians, who are trying to make it in a land far from home. Isabella Fuente recently returned from a trip to Bolivia,...

The Week that Was – Bolivian Blogs

  9 August 2006

Bolivia celebrated her Independence Day on August 6th complete with the usual fanfare and outward displays of civic pride. Many Bolivians marked this 181st birthday with family and friends, while others were miles away in other parts of the globe far from their loved ones. Isabella Fuente did not hide...

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