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Bolivia: Dangerous Television

  26 June 2007

Rodrigo Serrate of la TeVelisión [ES] criticizes the manner in which the Bolivian television channel Megavision shows graphic violent images all in the name of “journalism.”

Uruguay: Puzzling Things

  26 June 2007

Uruguay Dreaming lists “Things I Find Puzzling About Uruguay,” in which he does not mean to be impolite, but rather finds difficult to understand.

Bolivia: The Coldest Night of the Year

  25 June 2007

Bonfires and food are a big part of the celebration of San Juan, which takes place on the eve of June 24 and is considered to be the coldest night of the winter. In Bolivia, the contamination created by these fires draw criticisms from city officials and other residents. However, some Bolivian bloggers think that care for the environment should be a year-round affair. Others chose to celebrate the holiday with hot dogs and a blogger meet-up.

Ecuador: Taking Advantage of Holidays

  25 June 2007 [ES] is planning ahead thanks to a special governmental decree that has rearranged holidays for the next four years allowing for additional long weekends, so that the tourism industry can provide extra activities.

Guatemala: Anti-Campaigns

  25 June 2007

Ximena Garcia of Say Something [ES] knows that election campaigns spend a lot of money, but hopes that much of that does not go into what she calls “anti-campaign” or negative campaigning.

Chile: Mapping Torture Sites

  25 June 2007

C.hileno writes about the government's plan to identify and map out the locations of more than 500 sites that were used to torture political opponents during the Pinochet era. He also wonders whether they might integrate it with Google maps.


  25 June 2007

Un Lugar [ES] looks at the new domains registered by Cristina Kirchner, Senator and wife of the current Argentine president. There is also speculation how she was able to register domains specifically set aside for special government projects.

Americas: Poll Numbers Roundup

  23 June 2007

Bloggings by Boz presents his latest installment of poll number roundups, which includes a new poll that finds that Costa Ricans would support the passage of the Central American Free Trade Agreement.

Argentina: Inexpensive Buenos Aires

  23 June 2007

Blog Pasa en Buenos Aires [ES] writes about a recent study that found Buenos Aires to be one of the five most inexpensive cities for foreigners, and asks, “what do you think tourists buy when they visit our city?”

Argentina: Blogs About Facundo Macarrón

  23 June 2007

eBlog [ES] collects links to various blogs about Facundo Macarrón, a teenager accused of murdering his mother. Some blogs were created to pass as an official blog written by the young man, and others are written in defense.

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