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Mexico: Memories of Tijuana

  25 September 2008

JC Cortes of Cargamento [es] writes about his best memories of the Mexican border town of Tijuana. These memories especially include trips to his favorite taqueria to feast on shrimp tacos.

Mexico: Age of Terrorism

  25 September 2008

Mexico is entering the age of terrorism, write Daniel Hernandez of Intersections, especially after the recent grenade attack in Morelia during Independence Day celebrations.

Bolivia: One Year Anniversary of Voces Bolivianas

  25 September 2008

Cristina Quisbert of Bolivia Indigena [es] celebrates one year since the start of the Voces Bolivianas project and writes that it “planted an important seed so that young peopple and adult can begin to use blogs as an instrument to communicate realities, knowledge and feelings.”

Paraguay: Trans-Chaco Rally Postponed

  22 September 2008

Every year, drivers from across the globe descend on Paraguay's Chaco Region to participate in the Trans-Chaco Rally, which has been running since 1971. This year, the region of the Grand Chaco has been especially hit hard by drought. A State of Emergency had been declared for the area. As a result, the government announced that it would be postponing the race citing the need to allow for aid workers to provide assistance to the region's 18,000 families.

Mexico: The City of Ideas Conference

  21 September 2008

La Ciudad de las Ideas (The City of Ideas) is a conference that will be held in Puebla, Mexico. Andrés Bianciotto already has his ticket and looks forwards to the ideas presented by a diverse group of speakers [es].

Peru: Remembering Yurimaguas

  21 September 2008

Gabriela García Calderón of Seis de Enero [es] reminisces about the town of Yurimaguas located in northeastern Peru and home of her ancestors.

Venezuela: Digital Workshop in Carabobo

  18 September 2008

Luis Carlos Díaz of Periodismo de Paz [es] writes about the recent workshop of the use of web 2.0 in the community of Carabobo, Venezuela. Here, students learned the use of Google maps, Wikipedia and other participatory media tools.

Mexico: Explosions in Morelia During Independence Day Celebrations

  17 September 2008

Two hand grenades were tossed into a crowd in the city of Morelia, Mexico during independence day celebrations. Eight people were killed, and more than 100 were injured. Authorities are blaming the attack on drug cartels, who have been responsible for brutal killings throughout the country. This concern also led to a recent protest march that attracted thousands. Mexican bloggers are mourning this latest tragedy and are calling on the government to act.

Bolivia: Lord of the Lakes Celebration in Oruro

  17 September 2008

The annual feast of Our Lord of the Lakes that takes place in the department of Oruro, Bolivia brings many surrounding communities to participate in a pilgrimage to the site, where the faithful can ask for one of many wishes [es] writes Virginio Sandy.

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