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Ecuador: Guayaquil Celebrates its Past and Present

  27 July 2008

“Cheers, Guayaquil on your Anniversary!” writes Alex Anazco of Cambiemos Ecuador [es]. He writes about its past, but also about its present, which boasts the best airport in Latin America according to an international business magazine.

Panama: Passion and Disappointment of the Football Fan

  27 July 2008

Rob Rivera recommends to ask a Panamanian about his football team and, “what it’s like to see their team play beautifully to the point of making them proud, only to have them succumb at the last minute and ruin all the good will they garner from the fans by playing...

Paraguay: Breaking Cycle of Corruption

  27 July 2008

Liam of Políticamente Incorrecto [es] writes that the new Paraguayan government's biggest challenge is to break the cycle of corruption and “that the corrupt has become someone to be imitated, a role-model, a person that is admired because of success, money, living well, and they are no longer scrutinized for...

El Salvador: Photographer Nominated for Journalism Prize

  25 July 2008

Photographer Álvaro López was recently nominated for the prestigious Ibero-American New Journalism prize for his series called Terrorism in El Salvador. His photos showed a violent confrontation between a protestor and police, placing the photographer in danger while capturing the images writes Solavá of Hora Cero [es].

Costa Rica: Indigenous Communities in the Media

  24 July 2008

Alejandro Vargas Johannsen publishes a list of recommendations created by students from the Costa Rica University for communicators in how they write about indigenous communities without negative stereotypes [es] and to, “remember their contributions to natural medicine, spirituality, arts, and the conservation of natural resources, especially water.”

Colombia: Continued Support for Suso

  23 July 2008

Catalina Restrepo of Cosas del Alma [es] updates readers on the continued efforts by members of the ConVerGentes blogging community in Medellín, Colombia in support of Suso, a local resident who had been living in poor conditions.

Chile: Media Produced by Residents of Colón Oriente

  23 July 2008

Chilenos Todos [es] writes about the action taken by residents of the neighborhood Colón Oriente in Santiago, Chile. They published a newsletter called “La Chicharra” that seeks to combat disinformation about this poor area through the use of interviews, testimonials and news.

Dominican Republic: Tires as Toys

  22 July 2008

Children in the Dominican Republic can be seen playing with tires for a lack of other toys. Reynaldo Brito of Imagenes Dominicanas [es] writes about his experiences in the Herrera neighborhood.

El Salvador: A Visit to El Mozote

  21 July 2008

Tim Muth recently visite the site of El Mozote in El Salvador, which had been the site of a massacre during that country's civil war. He writes, “intellectually I knew what had occurred almost 27 years ago, but the impact of actually being at the site of such horror was...

Costa Rica: Towards a Lay State

  21 July 2008

Sergio from La Foto Salio Movida [es] believes that Costa Rica should become a lay state, which “would help us improve the political and social maturity….and that this would not attack Catholicism at all, or the free exercise of religion, and on the contrary, it would help treat others equally...

Bolivia: Blogging from El Alto

  19 July 2008

Mario Durán of Palabras Libres [es], who has been blogging for the past three years from El Alto, Bolivia, writes about how he started his personal blog and other projects.

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