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The Week That Was – Bolivian Blogs

  30 November 2005

The most comprehensive poll to date really got the ball rolling with an increase in discussion about the December 18th Presidential Elections in Bolivia. In addition to the election of a new President, Bolivia will be choosing Departmental prefects and an entirely new Congress. Miguel Buitrago (MABB) was one of...

The Week That Was – Bolivian Blogs

  23 November 2005

Foreigners residing in Bolivia make up a good chunk of those blogging about the country. Some have lived in various cities in Bolivia for quite some time and others are merely passing through. Nevertheless, their observations and discoveries about life in Bolivia provide a unique perspective on a drastically different...

The Week That Was – Bolivian Blogs

  16 November 2005

The date was June 2002, the last time Bolivia held Presidential elections, and the Bolivian blogosphere had yet to sprout. One of the true trailblazers of this internet community, Barcelona-based Miguel Esquirol, was one of the few that was even blogging at the time. In his blog El Forastero, he...

The Week That Was – Bolivian Blogs

  9 November 2005

An event in Washington DC attracted a lot of attention in the Bolivian blogosphere during the past week. A lecture by former Bolivian President Gonzalo “Goni” Sanchez de Lozada was supposed to be the night’s main attraction. However, a group of U.S. activists presented the former Head of State with...

The Week That Was – Bolivian Blogs

  2 November 2005

Bolivia can breathe a sigh of relief. Presidential elections have been rescheduled for December 18 after weeks of uncertainty. President Eduardo Rodriguez emitted a Presidential decree that redistributed the highly disputed Congressional seats and as a result, determined that the elections would take place two weeks after the original fixed...

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