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Ecuador: Don Bosco in Manta

  26 April 2010

The relic of the Roman Catholic Saint “Don” Bosco has been making its way around Latin American, and Joselias Sánchez Ramos writes about the stop of the “guest of honor” in Manta, Ecuador [es], which attracted large crowd of the faithful.

Ecuador: The Price of Milk

  26 April 2010

Even though government subsidies to Ecuadorian milk producers have increased, the savings are not passed along to consumers, where the price has gone up, notes the blog La Voz de Guamote [es].

Uruguay: Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Verdún Shrine

  19 April 2010

Uruguayans participate annually in a pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady of Verdún in the town of Minas, and 2010 marks 109 years since the faithful have been making the journey [es]. Estela of the blog Abre Cabezas [es] also posts photos and videos [es] of a previous visit.

Mexico: Chicharito Goes to Manchester United

  13 April 2010

Twenty-one year-old Mexican football sensation Javier “Chicharito” Hernández was recently signed by Manchester United notes Gancho, but he wonders whether he might not get enough playing time “if being parked at the end of a deep bench in England will take the edge off of Hernández's recent mojo.”

Uruguay: Online Entry and Exit Forms for Travelers

  12 April 2010

There are now online forms on the website of the International Airport in Montevideo, Uruguay, making it easier for travelers to fill out entry/exit and customs forms in advance. However, Chino of the blog Tan Conectados [es] writes that it is not very user-friendly.

Peru: Terminating Mobile Phone Contracts

  11 April 2010

Starting July 1, mobile phone users in Peru will have the option to terminate their service contracts without having to complete its duration, should they not be satisfied with the service, which is good for consumers notes Arturo of Crónicas del Basurero [es].

Uruguay: Pictures of Painting a Mural

  11 April 2010

The blog Con la Cámara en el Bolsillo [es] (With a Camera in my Pocket) is dedicated to capturing images around Montevideo, Uruguay. Fonzi recently published photos of the process of painting a mural.

Colombia: 62 Years After the Bogotazo

  11 April 2010

Patricia Quintero Barrera of the blog Etnicografíca [es] writes about the 62nd anniversary of the “Bogotazo,” which is a period in Colombian history where there were “protests, disorder, and repression” in the capital Bogotá, following the assassination of Presidential candidate Jorge Eliécer Gaitán in 1948.

Paraguay: Naturalization of Foreign Footballers

  9 April 2010

There is a wave of naturalizations of foreign footballers in Paraguay, enabling them to play on the National Team. Carlos Rodríguez of Rescatar [es] does not agree with this, and also notes that there many other foreigners who want to put their immigration documents in order and must pay bribes...

Uruguay: Praise for Tupamaros During Venezuela Visit

  9 April 2010

Much to the dismay of blogger from Qué pasa Uruguay? [es], that during Uruguayan President José Mujica's visit to Venezuela, President Hugo Chávez praised the Tupamaros, the Uruguayan guerrilla group from the 1960s and 70s, of which Mujica was a member.

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