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The Week that Was – Bolivian Blogs

  30 November 2006

On Tuesday night, the Bolivian Senate suddenly found itself with the needed quorum. Several opposition Senators had refused to meet in protest of several law proposals put forth by the ruling party MAS. Three substitute opposition Senators decided to attend the session to vote along government lines. Cries of foul...

The Week that Was – Bolivian Blogs

  22 November 2006

The Bolivian blog community webpage, Blogs de Bolivia [ES], has been at the center of discussion regarding the growing phenomenon of Bolivian blogs. Recently, it sought to find out the demographics of those visitors that frequent the page. Its survey found that by far, the two two categories were Bolivians...

The Week that Was – Bolivian Blogs

  15 November 2006

Juancito Pinto was a little drummer boy, who had traded his drum for a rifle during the War of the Pacific of the 1880s. He perished at the hands of the Chilean army and his name is still synonymous with Bolivia’s long standing attempts to recuperate sovereign access to the...

The Week that Was – Bolivian Blogs

  1 November 2006

What would happen with the fast approaching deadline that required all oil companies operating in Bolivia to renegotiate their contracts? This deadline was set in accordance to the decree of nationalization of the hydrocarbons that sought to give back ownership back to the state. Many speculated that the companies would...

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