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Peru: Protests in La Convención Over Export of Gas

  14 August 2010

The export sale of natural gas from the Camisea project continues to cause social conflicts in Cusco, Peru. Local residents are demanding that a part of the production remains in the region at a reasonable price. Bloggers react to the news of the conflicts.

Paraguay: Speculation on Succession

  11 August 2010

After Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo announced that he has cancer, blogger Enrique Ramón Galeano observed that many local newspapers were already speculating on presidential succession [es].

Venezuela: Parkour in Caracas

  8 August 2010

Mitchele Vidal of the blog Imágenes Urbanas [es] has pictures of a group of teenagers practicing Parkour around a Metro station of Caracas, Venezuela. She asked them if the police ever told them to stop, and they said “this is a public place and we are practicing a sport.”

Honduras: Drinking Coffee in Surcagua

  8 August 2010

Irina Vanessa Orellana reminisces about the “power of coffee” to bring friends together in Honduras, as she reminisces about a recent trip about to drink a cup of coffee with some friends in the small town of Surcagua [es] located 20 minutes from Tegucigalpa.

Paraguay: Salvador Cabañas Using Guaraní To Express Himself

  7 August 2010

Paraguayan footballer Salvador Cabañas continues to recover from the bullet that is lodged in his brain after an altercation in a Mexico City bar. Carlos Rodríguez of Rescatar [es] notes that Cabañas has been reverting back to his mother tongue of Guaraní as a way of adapting after the injury,...

El Salvador: The Beatification Cause of Archbishop Romero

  6 August 2010

From El Salvador, the bilingual blog Super Martyrio [en/es] has been maintained by Polycarpio and provides “the inside track on the beatification cause of Archbishop Romero,” who was assassinated in 1980. Many of his followers are calling on the Roman Catholic Church to make him a saint.

Guatemala: The Ruins of La Recolección

  6 August 2010

Rudy Girón has published images of the ruins of La Recolección, which stand untouched in Antigua, Guatemala as a testament of the 1773 earthquake the struck the country and remain as a sort of “time capsule.”

Colombia: The Clear Path for President-Elect Santos

  3 August 2010

As Juan Manuel Santos prepares to assume the presidency in Colombia on August 7, Jaime Restrepo of the blog Atrabilioso [es] writes that Santos has a clear path ahead because of the clear mandate provided by the voters and because of the almost unanimous support for fellow party member Armando...

Uruguay: “Your Ideas Matter” Blog Competion for Schoolchildren

  3 August 2010

The 2010 version of the blog competition “Your Ideas Matter” is now open [es] and Uruguayan schoolchildren are eligible for the contest. There are special categories for blogs created by schoolchildren with the XO laptops that have been distributed to the country's children as part of the Ceibal Plan project.

Honduras: Fines for Not Destroying Mosquito Breeding Grounds

  3 August 2010

Dengue fever continues to be a serious health issue in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. David Morán of the blog El Catracho [es] criticizes the decision of the local government to places fines on individuals that do not destroy the places where the mosquitoes breed, saying the money may end being used for...

Ecuador: Guayaquil Protest Against Informal Sale of Pets

  3 August 2010

In Ecuador, Pitonizza announces a protest in Urdesa Park in Guayaquil against the informal sale of pets [es], which often live in unhealthy conditions and if customers buy these pets from the street, then it provides an incentive for the vendors to continue this practice.

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