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Peru: Journalist Launches New Blog

  30 July 2007

C.J. Schexnayder, who also writes at Klephblog, recently launched Andean Currents, which will be “a home for the data and eratta I have come across in my research and travels.”

Peru: Deadly City of La Oroya

  26 July 2007

El útero de marita [ES] writes about the Peruvian city of La Oroya, which made a recent list of 5 deadliest cities in the world. A recent study found that 97% of children 0-6 have elevated levels of lead in their blood.

Bolivia: Capital Rally in Sucre

  26 July 2007

Ariel Cristian [ES] provides information of the rally in Sucre and writes, “during the day I will provide a lot of information and provide little opinion about what happens in Sucre, the Bolivian capital.”

Bolivia: Historic Rally in La Paz Provides Opportunity for Journalism 2.0

  24 July 2007

A mass rally was held in La Paz to support that the Bolivian capital would remain in that city. Estimates place the attendance at close to one million. A few Bolivian bloggers decided that this would be an excellent opportunity to practice journalism 2.0, in which ordinary citizens could set out and capture images, videos, and opinions from those in the street. Even though everything did not go as planned, it was these new technologies that allowed them to overcome some obstacles and continue this "experiment."

El Salvador: Vague Definition of “Attacks on Public Peace”

  24 July 2007

Tim's El Salvador Blog reports on the recommendations provided by the Commission of Citizen Security and Social Peace. However, President Tony Saca will introduce a new law that will punish those for “public disorders” or “attacks on public peace,” which could “make such a law subject to misuse to stifle...

Venezuela: Forgiving Nicaragua's Debt

  24 July 2007

Venezuelan Politics writes that “In the early 1980's, former President Carlos Andrés Pérez was investigated by the Congress of the for giving away a ship to Bolivia. Hugo Chávez has arguably given away more than that” in regards to a recent decison to forgive 33 million dollars of Nicargua's debt.

Colombia: Absent Final Movie Credits

  24 July 2007

PISO TR3S [ES] wonders why Colombian television does not run the final credits following the broadcast of a movie, but thinks it must because of the precious time for additional advertising revenue.

Argentina: Australian Tourist Cleaning Up

  23 July 2007

Pablo Beca of Un Lugar [ES] is embarrassed with the news story of an Australian tourist dismayed at the state of cleanliness of a local plaza and who went out to purchase brooms in order to clean up a plaza in the city of Tucumán.

Mexico: The 13 Wonders of Mexico

  23 July 2007

Ocho Cuartos [ES] writes about the government of Mexico and its attempt to capitalize on the 7 Wonders of the World contest in order to launch a campaign to find the 13 Wonders of Mexico.

Uruguay: Museum Blog

  23 July 2007

Museos en Uruguay [ES] is a new blog written by R. Boretto, director of the Industrial Revolution Museum in Fray Bentos, Uruguay.

Argentina: Newest eBlog Podcast

  23 July 2007

eBlog [ES] releases its 36th program of the Radio eBlog podcast, which includes discussions on the passing of Roberto “El Negro” Fontanarrosa and the recent collaboration between OLPC and Intel.

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