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Colombia: Conclusions from Blogger Gathering

  24 June 2008

Campus Comunicativo [es] writes about the recent Colombian blogger gathering and provides some conclusions from the event, such as the need to find ways to make blogs profitable through e-marketing and third-party financing.

Mexico: Food Products Price Fixed

  22 June 2008

Diego from [es] lists the 150 food products that were price-fixed by the Mexican government. He notes that many of these products are not necessarily consumed by many people.

Mexico: 12 Die at Nightclub Raid

  22 June 2008

During a nightclub raid in Mexico City, 12 people were killed by the stampede, including several policemen. Mexico Reporter writes that the police had gone to investigate whether drugs and alcohol were being sold to minors.

El Salvador: Bus Fare Hikes Cause Protests

  22 June 2008

Due to rising fuel prices, some bus operators in El Salvador have illegally raised fare prices to cover these costs. As a result, there have been critiques against the government for not enforcing these laws. The rising fares have also led to protests writes Tim Muth.

Paraguay: First Week Back Home

  20 June 2008

Muna Annahas reflects on her first week back in Paraguay and notes that the famous Hotel Guaraní in Asuncion has now reopened its doors after many years of abandonment. She also visits a local hospital and acts to help the patients in need.

Bolivia: Launch of Adriana Gil's Political Party

  19 June 2008

Sebastian Molina of Plan B [es] writes about the launch of a new political party by Adriana Gil called Democratic Force. The 26 year-old Gil was once an ally of Evo Morales and MAS and had opened up doors for the politician in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Costa Rica: Diesel Subsidy

  17 June 2008

Rigo of Tico Blog Libertad [es] is relieved that the Costa Rican government continues to subsidize diesel and which is what his car runs on, especially in light of the rising fuel prices.

Paraguay: Producing a Bill Gates

  15 June 2008

Liam of Políticamente Incorrecto [es] reflects on the state of the Paraguayan educational system and cites a recent interview conducted with Bill Gates. The interviewer asked him whether he would have had the same success if he would have been born in another country like Paraguay.

El Salvador: Funes Continues to Lead by Wide Margins

  15 June 2008

The presidential candidate for the FMLN party in El Salvador, Mauricio Funes, continues to lead by nearly 19 percentage points over ARENA candidate Rodrigo Ávila. Hunnapuh [es] notes that this latest survey took place after the revelations of possible links between FMLN party members and the FARC noting that it...

Mexico: Border Fence Construction Protests

  13 June 2008

Activists are protesting the construction of a border fence between the United States and Mexico. Marisa Treviño of Latina Lista writes that the actions of the US government is uniting “diverse groups, who would never have before joined forces, to counter an enforcement policy that has nothing to do with...

Chile: National Network of Digital Citizenship

  13 June 2008

The National Network of Digital Citizenship is a newly formed group of interested Chilean organizations that seek to promote that advancement of new technologies. Luis Ramirez provides more information on the activities of this new network [es].

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