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R.E.S.C.A.T.A.R.: Dengue: Manu militari contra la irresponsabilidad

  30 January 2009

Carlos Rodríguez of Rescatar [es] writes that is shameful that the local government must threaten property owners to keep their land free of standing water, which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. This is very important since Paraguay is suffering from the spread of dengue caused by these mosquitoes.

Paraguay: English Words in Advertising

  29 January 2009

José Ángel Lopez Barrios is not too pleased with the emergence of so many English words in advertising that are being adopted by Paraguayan stores [es]. He gives the example of the word “Sale”, which in Spanish means “get out.”

Colombia: Against Bullfighting in Medellín

  28 January 2009

Andreata of Jovenes Pensantes [es] thinks that more people should protest the annual bullfighting festival in Medellín, Colombia since it is “another death celebrated by many insensitive persons and executed by those.. bullfighters.“

Bolivia: Child Labor a Question of Culture?

  28 January 2009

Juan Vasquez of Un Boliviano en la Argentina [es] describes a recent conversation with some friends about the practice of child labor, and one wonders whether it is a question of culture noting that many rural children work in the field as a means of learning from parents.

Bolivia: Under-20 Football Team Loses Yet Again

  28 January 2009

“More of the Same,” writes Jaime Galarza of Once a Once [es] regarding the latest in a string of international debacles by the Under-20 Bolivian National Team, who lost all three games in the first round of the South American football tournament.

Mexico: Startling Discovery in Tijuana

  28 January 2009

Hache [es] writes about the recent discovery of a man hired by drug cartels in Tijuana, Mexico who disposed the bodies of a reported 300 murdered victims in cauldrons of acid and that the man felt “nothing.” He also claimed that “it is a common job.”

Bolivia: Referendum Coverage on Twitter

  25 January 2009

As the polls close across Bolivia for the Constitutional Referendum vote, many of the country's users of Twitter have been hard at work sending messages about their experiences from their cities. In order to centralize the information, they are using the #referendum tag.

Bolivia: Dealing With Dengue Fever

  23 January 2009

Heavy rains in the Bolivian Orient help create the breeding ground for mosquitos that spread the virus that causes dengue fever. There is also a much more severe form which causes dengue hemorrhagic fever and has already caused 3 deaths in the country. One blogger writes about firsthand experience with this illness.

Argentina: The Timing of Kirchner's Visit to Cuba

  23 January 2009

Louis Cyphre of El Opinador Compulsivo [es] wonders why Argentine president visited Cuba when she did “to speak with one of the longest lasting dictators in history just as the first black president was being inaugurated in the US?”

Bolivia: The Situation After the Referendum

  22 January 2009

The campaign for the Constitutional Referendum has ended across Bolivia and Sunday's vote is eagerly awaited. After months of a tension-filled campaign from both supporters and opponents of the draft Constitution, many are left wondering what will happen after the vote. Some other bloggers reflect on some of the problems that will still remain regardless of the vote's outcome and who is to blame for the country's predicament.

Paraguay: The Launching of the Government's News Agency

  22 January 2009

The government of Paraguay launched its News Agency, and President Fernando Lugo indicated that it will not be a source for government propaganda. Carlos Rodríguez of Rescatar [es] states that the website should have a Code of Ethics, which would make it the first news site to have one.

Ecuador: Biology Student Abroad

  22 January 2009

The blog Estudiantes Fuera del Ecuador [es] is devoted to topics related to Ecuadorian students abroad. It returns after a six-month hiatus with an interview with Edu, a Ph.D biology student in Spain.

Nicaragua: Linux Tour to Honduras

  22 January 2009

Normal Garcia writes about the LinuxTour Nicaragua, where members of the open software community in Nicaragua will travel to neighboring Honduras [es] to exchange information and build relationships with other open software enthusiasts in that country.

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