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Americas: Celebrating BlogDay

  31 August 2008

August 31 is BlogDay around the world, which is an event where bloggers recommend 5 blogs to be discovered by others. The Latin American team from Global Voices Online is participating by collectively recommending 5 blogs from across the region.

Chile: Trolley Bus in Valparaíso

  29 August 2008

Contenidos Locales [es] covers the recent publication by Jacqueline Gonzalez from the Chilean city of Valparaíso, who writes about the trolley bus that has been running since the 1950s.

Paraguay: President Lugo to Forgo Salary

  26 August 2008

Fernando Lugo's presidency started with an announcement that he would forgo his monthly salary. "I don't need that salary, which belongs to the poor," said Lugo. Different local bloggers see things differently, as one applauds the decision and another wonders how Lugo will pay for his own expenses.

Mexico: Protests About Insecurity in the Capital

  24 August 2008

A large crowd assembled outside the National Palace in Mexico City to protest the insecurity in the city. Daniel Hernandez of Intersections [es] was present and writes that “they were protesting the fact that it took the death of the son of a wealthy and connected figure for political leaders...

Mexico: Thoughts from A Grandfather

  24 August 2008

Soron of La Vida es Sueño [es] writes a tribute to his grandfather, Germán, who spoke about life in Mexico City back when, “one could see on a daily basis the volcanoes that surrounded the Mexican Valle, the sky was always blue and there were even rivers in Mexico City,...

Colombia: Narcotours in Medellín

  21 August 2008

In Medellín, Colombia, “narco”-tours are being offered for foreigners to visit sites associated with the drug trafficker Pablo Escobar, writes Jorge Gobbi of Blog de Viajes [es].

Chile: Campaign Propaganda Out of Season

  21 August 2008

Elections are fast approaching in Chile, and Marcelo Aliaga of Bloggeando La Vida [es] is noticing the ways that candidates are getting around the regulations for the dates in which campaign propaganda is allowed.

Bolivia: Bloguivianos 2008

  20 August 2008

The 2008 version of the national bloggers conference called “Bloguivianos [es]” will be held in La Paz and El Alto, Bolivia on August 29 and 30.

Bolivia: No Strike in Yapacani

  20 August 2008

The blogger Idolo from Yapacani, a province in the department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia writes that “there is no stike here [es]” and that the majority of his town did not join the strike called by the president of the civic commitee in support of civic leaders of the departmental...

Venezuela: No Gas to Cook

  19 August 2008

RomRod [es] writes that Venezuela is a petroleum state, yet he does not have gas in order to cook. The cost of gas is inexpensive, but it is difficult to obtain.

Costa Rica: Cancer Patient Update

  19 August 2008

The anonymous cancer patient from Costa Rica that has been documenting his illness at Diario de Un Enfermo de Cáncer [es] updates his readers after his recent surgery, which indicated that doctors found the cancer early enough to start preventative treatment, which was a relief to him and his family.

Paraguay: Following Lugo's Inauguration on Flickr

  19 August 2008

Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo started the use of Flickr in January 2008 as a way to document his appearances during the campaign. After being sworn in as the new president of his country on August 15, he continues to use this citizen's media tool. Nearly 2,500 photos later and all licensed under Creative Commons, Lugo hopes to share his presidency with Paraguayans at home and abroad.

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