· January, 2009

Stories about Slovenia from January, 2009

Slovenia: Honoring Auschwitz Survivors

  28 January 2009

Dr. Filomena dedicates a post to her grandfather’s sister, an Auschwitz survivor: “She was not a Jew, she was not Roma, she was simply the sister of a man who would not bow to the territory-hungry aggressor who’d tried to make his Slovenian family deny its roots and turn its...

Slovenia: A View on Entropa

  27 January 2009

Sleeping With Pengovsky writes that Entropa “takes apart [Slovenia's] totally unfounded conviction that it is the centre of the world and that all great things somehow started here. Even tourism, for crying out loud!”

Europe: Entropa

  23 January 2009

Belatedly, links to some posts on Entropa: Margarete of The Foreigner's Guide to Living in Slovakia believes “it should be taken down”; Kosmopolito thinks that “the debate around the project is also part of the installation”; BBC's Mark Mardell writes that “the fact that it is a hoax does not...

Croatia, Slovenia: Border Dispute and the EU

  18 January 2009

Sleeping With Pengovsky writes about “the Slovene-Croat diplomatic crash which happened shortly before new year, when Slovenia effectively blocked the continuation of Croatian EU accession negotiations” – here and here.

Slovenia: Ljubljana is “The World’s Most Honest City”

  17 January 2009

Balkan File writes that Ljubljana has been declared the world’s most honest city by Reader’s Digest: “Teams from the publishing company ‘lost’ 30 mobile phones in 32 world cities” – and 29 of them were handed to the police in Slovenia's capital.