· October, 2006

Stories about Slovenia from October, 2006

Slovenia: Local Election

  25 October 2006

Even though Michael M. of The Glory of Carniola is a foreigner in Slovenia, he gets to vote in the local elections this coming Sunday.

Croatia: Online Discussions Overview

  19 October 2006

Some Croats feel nostalgic when they think about Tito's Yugoslavia, which broke into pieces in 1992. Turbo Kvrcko posts a funny “Wanted” image that depicts why he misses the good old times (HRV): WANTED Josip Broz Tito Beyond reasonable doubt, he has committed the following “criminal acts”: he didn’t allow...

Slovenia: Fighting Piracy

  19 October 2006

“The essential tools of pirates: blank CDs, blank DVDs, external hard drives, and other copy-related technology, are about to get more expensive in Slovenia,” reports The Glory of Carniola.

Slovenia: Mistaken for Sweden

  18 October 2006

NHL player Anze Kopitar is Slovenian, not Swedish, writes The Glory of Carniola, correcting the media's unfortunate mistake: “Another opportunity for Slovenia to get some press, down the drain.”