· February, 2006

Stories about Slovenia from February, 2006

Bird Flu in Slovenia

  15 February 2006

Michael of The Glory of Carniola reports that bird flu has landed really close to where he lives and describes what's being done about it.

“Go Back to Slovenia!”

10 February 2006

Michael M. at The Glory of Carniola writes that Slovenian women were portrayed as not pretty in a 2002 Ali G's movie – and how Slovenians remained unmoved by it.

Happy Prešeren Day!

8 February 2006

Today is Prešeren Day in Slovenia (aka the Day of National Culture): the death anniversary of Francè Prešeren (1800-1849), the country's beloved poet. For the third year in a row, Michael M. of The Glory of Carniola celebrates it by interviewing the poet's living namesake (this year it's Matjaž Prešeren,...

Slovenia: Darfur Initiative(s)

2 February 2006

The Glory of Carniola writes on Slovenian Darfur initiatives which include both the president's humanitarian initiative and Slovenian industry's initiative to provide Omar al-Bashir with a luxury yacht.