· March, 2006

Stories about Slovenia from March, 2006

Slovenia: Zlatorog

  17 March 2006

Isoglossia shares all he knows about Slovenia's Zlatorog, or the Golden Horn: “the goat, the myth, the beverage, the soap.”

Czech Republic: What Yugoslavia Meant For Czechs

  13 March 2006

The death of Slobodan Milosevic inspires Gazing into the Abyss to write about the Czechs’ feelings toward (what used to be) Yugoslavia: “‘Yugoslavia’ is likeable word for Czech ears. Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, BiH, Slovenia, Macedonia… they are not. Most Czechs never took an effort to grasp what happened in...

Slovenia: Playboy Billboards and A Wedding Destination

  10 March 2006

The L Files reports on Playboy billboards put up all around Slovenia, featuring a rather naked woman, and the reactions of Slovenians to it. Michael at The Glory of Carniola covers the billboard, too, and also writes about foreigners coming to Slovenia to get married.

Slovenia: “The Shit in Yugoslavia” Freudian Slip

  7 March 2006

Michael of The Glory of Carniola posts a video clip of a Slovenian newscast aired shortly before the disintegration of Yugoslavia, in which the host describes the situation in the country using a term that, although “not completely wrong,” could've gotten him fired nevertheless.

EU: Aid to Palestine Vs Aid to East European Member States

  3 March 2006

Michael of The Glory of Carniola analyzes the EU's strange funding priorities: in Dec. 2005, it is decided to cut aid to Eastern European member states by 10% – and on Feb. 27, 2006, following the victory of Hamas in Palestine and despite it, the EU pledges “120 million euros...