· July, 2008

Stories about Slovenia from July, 2008

The Balkans, Russia: Radovan Karadžić

  22 July 2008

According to reports, former Bosnian Serb leader and one of the world’s most wanted war criminals Radovan Karadžić has been arrested in Serbia on Monday night. Below are some of the initial reactions from bloggers.

Croatia: At Odds with Slovenian Borders

  20 July 2008

Since the breakup of former Yugoslavia nearly 20 years ago, ongoing issues have dogged Croatia's progress as a nation headed towards eventual membership with the European Union. Unknown to most are more transparent issues that involve the borders of Croatia. When looking at a map, it's understandable why such issues would arise, given the twisting layout of the country.

Slovenia: PM's Speech; Referendum

  3 July 2008

Sleeping with Pengovsky writes about the referendum in Slovenia – here and here, and compares Slovene PM Janez Janša's speech delivered on Statehood Day two years ago to the one given by Tony Blair in 1997.