· August, 2008

Stories about Slovenia from August, 2008

Slovenia: Massive Hail

  11 August 2008

Una española/gallega en Eslovenia [Spanish] and Piran Café both reported (with photos) on the massive hail storm that hit Slovenia last Friday, damaging cars, windows and even roofs.

Slovenia: Relaxation and History

  7 August 2008

Una española/gallega en Eslovenia [Spanish] describes a visit to the Topolšica spa in Slovenia, where the surrender of the German troups occupying the region was signed in 1945, ending the nazi presence in that part of Europe.

Slovenia: A Sunday in Radovljica

  7 August 2008

Camille Acey of Adventures in Wheelville posted several pictures of a Sunday in Radovljica, a town in the Slovenian alpine region, including some of a medieval art fair.