· February, 2007

Stories about Slovenia from February, 2007

Slovenia: The Erased

  28 February 2007

The Glory of Carniola reports on a rather surreal bureaucratic mishap: “This week marks the 15th anniversary of a now infamous moment in Slovenian history: the removal of 18,000 people from Slovenia’s permanent registry of citizens.”

Slovenia: Traditional Cures

  27 February 2007

The Glory of Carniola catches a cold (or something) and contemplates trying a number of Slovenian traditional cures (which, if proved inefficient, would get him tipsy, at least). Get well soon, Michael :)

Europe: Pre-Lent Celebrations

  23 February 2007

Wu Wei writes on Pancakes racing in Britain on Shrove Tuesday, Uzgavenes in Lithuania, Maslenitsa in Russia, and Kurentovanje in Slovenia. Nami-Nami shares a recipe of Estonian lenten buns.

Europe: Recycling

  23 February 2007

Wu Wei writes about rubbish recycling in the UK, Lithuania, Greece and Slovenia.

Slovenia: Euro-Tracking

  13 February 2007

Via EuroBillTracker, The Glory of Carniola tracks his 20-euro bill from Slovenia to Italy, where it was printed. A reader is disappointed his bill's origin isn't as exotic.