· June, 2007

Stories about Slovenia from June, 2007

Slovenia: Blogres

  5 June 2007

Blogres, the first official gathering of Slovenia bloggers, will take place Saturday, June 9, in Ljubljana, Michael M of The Glory of Carniola reports. His own presentation will, hopefully, follow this outline: “My first point will be to attack the foreign press like a runaway elephant for its generally sloppy...

Slovenia: “Self-Absorbed Bike Lane-Parking Morons”

  4 June 2007

Outraged – and inspired – by Ljubljana’s “Self-Absorbed Bike Lane-Parking Morons,” Piran Cafe creates a Flickr group and encourages readers to get involved in some activism: “The idea is a simple one. Snap a pic of the offending self-absorbed bike lane-parking moron(s) with the license plate clearly identifiable –like this...

Slovenia: Idealizing Europe

  1 June 2007

Marko Bucik describes how Slovenians idealize Western Europe: “Mostly, Europe is used of course as a benchmark and something we have to uphold as saint. Of course, Western Europe to be precise, not to be confused with Romania or similar savage places where corruption reigns…”